Gen W Speaker Susan Michal on WJCT

susan_michal_1-15-16It was great hearing upcoming Generation W speaker Susan Michal on WJCT yesterday.“I started photographing flowers in all the stages of their lives, from buds to bloom to wilting and dying. I photograph my portrait clients in all stages of their lives as well. In fact, this year I photographed the wedding of a girl whom I had first taken pictures of when she was 3 years old,” Susan said during her interview. “In my life, I’ve gone through a lot of transition this year, too. I lost a lot of weight, started working out more, getting in better health. It’s interesting that it all came together at the same time.”

Susan has spent over 20 years as a working photographer and is a respected leader and lecturer in the photography industry. She first picked up a camera while touring as a musician and knew she had found a new passion. “I always knew that a lot of musicians had some visual talent. But I didn’t know what mine was; I knew I couldn’t draw. One day, as I was getting ready to go out of the country on a cruise, I wandered into a pawn shop, saw a camera and bought it. After the first roll of film, I knew that that was for me,” she said.

Susan’s natural love for nature led her to an intense passion and an unparalleled ability to capture the beauty of the flower; in fact, Susan is a leader in this area of fine art and her images have become collectible almost immediately. She is currently working on her first book that will feature more than 150 of her most beautiful and interesting images. Susan holds the coveted Master of Photography degree from Professional Photographers of America and currently serves as this organization’s Chairman of the Board.



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