Gen W Profiles of 2015

As we prepared for Generation W 2015, we collaborated with our friends at WJCT to feature these six magnificent women.  Here is a look back at their Gen W Profiles and the words of wisdom they shared that continue to inspire us all.  Click each individual name to be taken to individual profiles.





Pam Paul:  “I just hope that I can encourage that spark, whatever the spark is, in others because that would be the best thing I could ever do, is just give people the sense that you have to weigh in and get involved, because otherwise standing on the sidelines doesn’t work very well.”




Marty Evans-photo2014


Marty Evans:  “I cannot overstate how important it is and how exciting it is that women today have an opportunity to learn from others, to inspire others, to share their stories and really give people, give women, a sense that anything is possible.”





Kathryn Pearson Peyton


Dr. Kathryn Peyton: “There is just so much potential for goodness to come out of this.”






Alyse Nelson


Alyse Nelson: “You can’t expect to lead others if you don’t know who you are and what you stand for.”






Deb Walton_home


Debra Walton: “Don’t be frightened to take risks. You know, think about what is the worst thing that could possibly happen, perhaps you fail at it, you pick yourself up and you go on to the next thing.”







Sheila Spivey:  “I have the opportunity to provide assistance to people who have been impacted by violence and also to highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of women,”