Gap’s “Women and Opportunity” Wins Catalyst Award

catalystawards1Catalyst announced that Gap Inc.’s game-changing global initiative, Women and Opportunity, will be honored with the 2016 Catalyst Award, which recognizes breakthrough corporate initiatives that accelerate inclusion in the workplace and the world.

“Each and every organization has the power to make transformational change for women,” says Deborah Gillis, President & CEO of Catalyst. “We are proud to recognize Gap Inc.’s commitment to ensuring that all talented individuals have equal opportunities to succeed and grow, regardless of gender and background. Gap Inc.’s remarkable results raise the bar for what can be achieved, and its initiative provides strategies that other companies can replicate to create a culture of inclusion that unlocks employee innovation.”

“We know from Catalyst research that creating an inclusive corporate culture is a critical component of any strategy for attaining sustainable change across a global organization,” says John Veihmeyer, Chairman, KPMG International, and this year’s Catalyst Awards Dinner Chair. “What Gap Inc. has done to encourage and support women in the workplace and their local communities is truly groundbreaking. Other organizations can learn from Gap Inc., in particular lessons on how to create localized strategies that drive inclusion and lead to success in an increasingly competitive landscape.”

Gap Inc.’s initiative leverages the company’s long-standing culture of equality and inclusion as a business tool to attract top talent, advance women’s representation globally, increase employee engagement and retention, and drive business results. It highlights how Gap Inc.’s leaders have become more intentional in their work, sharpening the strategic focus on gender and increasing programming that promotes women’s leadership across regions. And, it shows how existing diversity and inclusion efforts were reorganized and integrated more systematically across the organization to make a positive impact on employees’ lives and the business.

Catalyst Award-winning initiatives are evaluated in a rigorous, year-long process against criteria such as strategy and rationale, senior leadership activities, accountability and transparency, communication, employee engagement, innovation, and measureable results. Since 1987, Catalyst has recognized 85 initiatives at 79 organizations from around the world, and Gap Inc. is the first company in the fashion/accessories industry to receive the honor.

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