Florida Named an Innovation Leader

InnovationScorecardThe Orlando Business Journal is reporting that Florida has been ranked an Innovation Leader by the Consumer Electronics Association.

This is the first-ever state Innovation Scorecard from the CEA, ranking all 50 states plus Washington, D.C. according to their willingness and ability to welcome and encourage innovation.  “We intend to update this scorecard regularly as states change their policies in order to most accurately reflect whether they support or discourage innovation within their borders,” states the report.

Based on a performance index that included 10 criteria, a state’s overall performance was placed into one of four categories–Innovation Champions, Innovation Leaders, Innovation Adopters and Modest Innovators.  As an Innovation Leader, Florida is fostering and exploring new, groundbreaking ways to advance the innovation economy. The state scored highest for its right-to-work laws and its tax friendliness.

Click here to see the entire Innovation Scorecard report and see how other states ranked.