Florida Blue Helps Us Make (& Keep) Resolutions

Resolutions In its most recent blog, Patty Melanson of Florida Blue gives us some very practical tips for keeping those resolutions. “Whether you are starting an exercise program, trying to lose weight or want to make better food choices, there are ways to keep your motivation level high even the going gets tough,” writes Patty. Here are some of her tips:

Why Do you Want to Make This Change?
The first thing you need to do is identify why you personally want to make this change. Ask yourself: Why now? How will my life be better when I accomplish this change?

Have a Plan
One of the biggest barriers to resolution success is we are not prepared to really follow through with our actions. Take time to gather your information (Is there a gym at work you can join? What kind of exercises should you try?) as well as pull together the necessary materials (Do you have workout clothes and a good pair of workout shoes?).

Quiet the Negative Voices
“Your inner critic is not your friend. When you hear that voice, you want to notice it, and put a positive spin on the thought,” suggests Patty. “This time think, ‘I know I’ve tried this before and haven’t been successful, but I’m setting small, realistic goals for myself, and I have confidence I’m going to be able to do it.’”

Click here to read the entire blog with even more great motivational tips.


Tell Us:  What is resolution will you be keeping this year?