Five Years of Inspiration–Thank you!

genw-4816cAs I said at the beginning of this day, every year, I come to this stage always filled with gratitude. Gratitude for those who share with us their stories, gratitude for our partners who share in our vision and gratitude for all who come to the beautiful campus of the University of North Florida (our wonderful hosting partner) who share in our day.

I am especially grateful to the Generation W team for the energy they bring to this event each and every year. The production team – Glenn, Jackie, Dana, Ames, David and Lisa…they always go above and beyond and this year, coordinating our live stream made it possible for Generation W to inspire even more people, truly showing the world that we are all Generation W. From taking care of our guests to guiding our speakers to connecting via social media, I am overwhelmed, with gratitude for the Generation W team – Kasia, Shavone, Sherry, Danielle, Angie, Pixie, Pauline and Patti…for the time and talent they bring to the table.

As they say, a grateful heart is a happy heart and today and today as I look back on the day and the journey, my grateful heart is overflowing with happiness. We have shared some of the sights and sounds from this beautiful day in the links below…thank you for sharing it with us!

Generation W–Words of Wisdom

Generation W–Pictures from 2016