EVE Volunteer Winner: Julia Taylor

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be highlighting the EVE winners featured on Jacksonville.com:

14446367Julia Taylor, president of the Women’s Giving Alliance, is the EVE Volunteer winner.   Here is an excerpt from her Jacksonville.com feature:

As president of the Women’s Giving Alliance in 2013-14, Taylor drew on these qualities to increase the organization’s size, scope and diversity. The alliance is a group of women who pool their philanthropic giving. These accomplishments led to Taylor being named the recipient of the EVE Award in volunteer service.

Consider that in 2014:

■ Membership increased from 293 members to 335, a record.

■ There were 11 new legacy endowments, women who commit to a one-time gift of at least $25,000. The principal is invested and the earnings used to make grants in perpetuity. There are now 33 legacy members.

■ The grant funding pool grew to $473,000, up nearly 40 percent from $340,000 the prior year. That was due to membership growth and her solicitation of significant contributions from members Nancy Chartrand, Barbara Harrell and Weaver.

■ Diversity, recruiting women of all ages, ethnicities and religions, became a cornerstone of her administration. To that end, she led the effort to create the first class of Delores Barr Weaver Fellows, 12 women under 40 whose $1,500 annual contribution will be partially subsidized for four years. The women will have a mentor from the alliance in hopes they will be its next wave of leaders.

■ Funds were given to five organizations that provide mental health services to women and girls. Grants are based on research, and this is the fourth year the focus has been on mental health.

It was an auspicious year on a personal level as well. Her older son got married. Six days later, her younger son’s wife gave birth to her first grandchild, a girl named Rhodes.

Taylor became one of the founding members of the alliance, an initiative of The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, in 2001.

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