EVE Education Winner: Patty Adeeb

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be highlighting the EVE winners featured on Jacksonville.com:

14365676Patty Adeeb, director of pre-collegiate studies at Florida State College in Jacksonville, is the EVE Education winner.   Here is an excerpt from her Jacksonville.com feature:

Adeeb was born in Pensacola and moved to Jacksonville when she was 6. Her mother, who was divorced, worked two jobs to raise her five children. Money was scarce, but Adeeb said she didn’t realize they were poor until she got to school and saw others had more.

Though her mother had only an eighth-grade education, she was intuitively intelligent and instilled in her children a love of reading and learning. That helped Adeeb win scholarships, and she was the first person in her family to graduate from college.

For someone who said she had to work at building self-esteem, Adeeb excelled. In 1971, she won the Miss Jacksonville crown wearing a borrowed bathing suit held together by 20 safety pins. She was running out of money to go to school, and her mother signed her up for the pageant because of the scholarship money. She graduated summa cum laude — with highest honors — from Florida State University where she was named Best All Around Woman. She wanted to be a doctor, but her scholarship money wasn’t enough to cover medical school so she switched to education, specializing in children with special needs.

Adeeb began her career at Englewood High School teaching children with specific learning disabilities and then went to Florida State Hospital in Macclenny to work with patients with a range of mental disorders.

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