6 Things You Can Do to Enjoy the Holidays

How to enjoy the holidaysReady to enjoy the holidays?  According to our friends at Florida Blue, holiday stress usually comes from being overbooked, overindulged, overdosed or depressed.

Here are a few tips from the Florida Blue blog on how you can truly enjoy your holiday season:

  • Plan your holiday. See how realistic your plans are by writing them down on paper. To avoid getting overwhelmed, select a few favorites and really enjoy them, and skip the rest.
  • Keep up with good habits. Stay active by taking a 10 minute walk, dancing or riding your bike. Refuel your sense of well being by carving out time for a long bath or a power nap. Make it non-negotiable.
  • Practice moderation. Enjoy the decadent tastes of the season, within limits. Take small samples of the foods you really like and load up on fruits and veggies. If you drink alcohol, plan how many drinks you will have ahead of time, and stick to it.
  • Make a budget. Take time to list your holiday expenses including travel, food, cards, postage and gifts. Tweak your list until the items fit within the budget. If money is tight, consider making homemade gifts (go online for great ideas) or giving coupons for services like babysitting, folding the laundry, mowing the lawn or washing a car.
  • Enjoy the moment. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and reduce your level of negative stress in a matter of minutes. Focus your attention on the “here and now” and not on what’s next on your “to do” list.
  • Have a good laugh. Laughter helps relieve stress, and it connects people. It’s hard to stay stressed when you are laughing.

What is your best tip for enjoying this holiday season?