Dr. Richard Lapchick on College Sport as an EOE

Richard E. LapchickOur friend and Generation W speaker Dr. Richard Lapchick has written a blog for Huffington Post on how colleges appear to have the worst record in sports for hiring women and people of color.  From the blog post:

“UCF’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport released the 2013 College Sport Racial and Gender Report Card this month. I had the privilege of co-authoring this report with April Johnson, Erika Loomer and Leslie Martinez, who are graduate students in the DeVos Sport Business Management Program.

At a time when there is so much news about all the changes in and challenges to college sports, there was even more distressing news in the report card. Leaders in college sport are clearly not providing equal opportunities for women and people of color. While that has always been the case, the opportunities for women have gotten substantially worse. That is difficult to absorb many years after the passage of Title IX.

College sport received a B for racial hiring practices by earning 82 points, up from 81 points in 2012. College sport received a C+ for gender-hiring practices by earning 76 points, significantly down from 81 points in 2012. The combined grade for 2013 was a C+ with 79 points, also significantly down from an overall B with 81 points in 2012.”

The post has some amazing statistics about women in collegiate athletic positions:  “The record for athletic directors, coaches, senior athletic department staff and conference commissioners is completely unacceptable,” says Dr. Lapchick.

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