Donna Orender’s Advice for College Graduates recently asked some of the most respected executives in the sports industry to answer this question:  “You’re a commencement speaker to the Class of 2014.  What advice would you give to new college graduates?”

Generation W’s own Donna Orender answered:

“We have heard that time is of the essence. … The truth is, it’s our most precious asset. Time is a nonrenewable energy source, no plugging in and refilling up the battery. What you have is what you get. Can you block out the tick, tick, tick, of the ever-running clock and the click, click, click of the ever-present digital device and in that welcomed calm, recognize that this is your time? Time to do what you can. Time to do what you love. Time to choose who you will spend your time with. And time to contribute to the greater good, as that will surely stand the test of time. Take the time, to use your time wisely, with passion, with compassion. Contribute, create, laugh, lead, breathe, make it up, work it out, think, inspire, be inspired, learn, teach, work hard, play harder, be generous, open your heart, your ideas, your mind, be kind and love. Make the world a better place by virtue of your time spent on this planet. And most of all, have fun. It’s sobering to think that an average lifespan consists of 27,375 days. Languorously love and respect each and every one of them, by making each minute, each hour and each day count!”

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You Tell Us:  What words of advice would you give to the Class of 2014?