Donna Orender on Mentoring the Next Generation

Mentoring and Developing  The Next Generation of Industry LeadersGeneration W’s own Donna Orender was recently part of a panel discussing best practices in mentoring and developing the next generation of industry leaders during the 2014  Game Changers Conference in New York City.   “Mentoring is across all generations,” Donna said. “Giving back is incredibly important that we all need to do. But, as executives, we need to have the time to mentor each other. We need to change from this whole idea of turning on each other, but turn toward each other. For all of us to really care about each other enough to help each other is critical.” 

Other panelists included Kathy Behrens, NBA; Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, USOC; Kathryn Olson, Women’s Sports Foundation; and Molly Solomon, Golf Channel.  The panel was moderated by Sam Ryan, MLB Network.  Some key quotes are included in a recent article for


Career Advice

Mosley: “You have to be present to win. Listening and taking advantage of your opportunities.”

Orender: “We have to be willing to take the leap and believe in yourself. The whole idea of having encouragement and listening to your voice and make a leap and believing in yourself is vital.”

What’s Next for Women in Sports
Behrens: “What’s next is success [for women]. I think we are poised for a new wave of women leaders.  It’s a good time to be a woman.”

Olson:  “If we’re talking to ourselves, we’re not getting anywhere. We have to engage men in the conversation.”

Behrens: “You can be a leader who treats people with respect. It’s possible for everyone to be responsible for how you treat people. Don’t be a jerk is a pretty good way to go to work in the morning.”

Solomon: “Women are grinders. We stay late and we want to get the job done, so we probably don’t network as well as we should. We need to get out more and walk the office floor and get to other events, but so often we’re just trying to get our check list done.”

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