#DespiteBeingAWoman Trending on Twitter

DespiteBeingAWomanPrime Minister Narendra Modi has started a Twitter trend.

During a recent visit to Bangladesh, he praised Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her courage to fight terrorism “despite being a woman”.

“The world has still not found a solution on how to tackle terrorism. Even the U.N. is not in a position to provide guidance,” said Modi.   “I am happy that the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, despite being a woman, is openly saying that she has zero tolerance for terrorism. I would like to congratulate Sheikh Hasina for her courage to deal with terrorism with zero tolerance,” he added.

The hashtag #DespiteBeingAWoman was trending on Twitter Monday with users calling out Modi for his comments, adding sarcastic quotes and posting pictures of famous female leaders and their accomplishments

Twitter comments shared by the Thomson Reuters Foundation:

“How can you even say or think #despitebeingawoman when your own country had a great female PM way before most first world countries! Shame!” tweeted a Mumbai-based fashion blogger from the twitter handle ‏@Fashionopolis.

“Mentality of Men’s supremacy remains in the mind of Men always to show down the woman with words like #DespiteBeingAWoman,” tweeted user Panchal under the handle ‏@NotNewToAny1.

“ok. off to work. after cooking sending kid to school to write big story and run errands. like every other woman i know #despitebeingawoman,” tweeted Gayatri Jayaraman, senior editor ‏at India Today.

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