Connectivity: Doing More Together Than We Can Imagine

Last week I watched 70-year-old Kathrine Switzer cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Kathrine made history by becoming the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry back in 1967—even as race officials tried to physically stop her. It took five additional years for women to be officially invited to participate in the race.

Her efforts and her story still resonate. It is the stories of our shared imaginings and successes that provide such welcomed inspirations, and connect us in ways that motivates us.


Generation W connects people

I love that we got to recognize Katie Holman’s promotion to Senior Manager of Global Standards for General Mills at Generation W. She is in the process of moving to India right now with her family to assume her new position. She connected to Generation W when I was invited to speak with the General Mills women supply chain employees at a leadership event in Minnesota. Entrepreneur extraordinaire and Generation W speaker, Ita Ekpoudom went to school with Katie and made the original introduction. I love that we were all able to be together in this circle of connectivity where supporting each other makes positive things happen.

“I believe that this organization is a wonderful place for many women around the world to meet.” – Generation W 2017 Attendee

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Generation W connects locally

Through programming, we connect with numerous local organizations, for example Duval County Public Schools during Generation WOW, Friends of Hemming Park during Generation WORKS, and Rethreaded during Generation W (just to name a few), to create significant—and sustainable—change for our community. It is why we feel strongly about connecting as we stand with all who are aligned in the desire to elevate others such as our great partners at The United Way of Northeast Florida, The Women’s Giving Alliance, The Jacksonville Women’s Network, Leading Ladies 904, The Jacksonville Women’s Forum, The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, and the countless organizations working to improve the local community.

Generation W connects nationally

Generation W attracts speakers and attendees from throughout the U.S., allowing us to connect with national organizations such as W.O.M.E.N in America, The Get in Touch Foundation, and UNLEASHED, among others, continuing to provide a widening platform of influence and leadership.

This leads me back to Kathrine Switzer. During her interview with NBC News, Kathrine said:

“My message to young girls is that you can do much more than you ever can imagine.”

Yes, we can do much more than we can ever imagine when we move together and intentionally make those connections. That is our mission at Generation W—to be conveners of connectivity.

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by Donna Orender