Congrats to Rachel Vitti and GRASP Academy

Have a great school year Rachel Vitti and the GRASP Academy Team!


Grasp-logo-As a strong advocate for public education, Rachel Vitti, who is president of the GRASP Alliance, has been working to improve access to appropriate resources for students–especially those with learning disabilities.  And this school year, those efforts have resulted in the opening of GRASP Academy, a choice school that is part of the Duval Public School System serving 2nd through 7th grade students.  GRASP (Guiding, Remediating and Accelerating Student Performance) incorporates project based learning and enrichment with prescriptive structured language instruction and interventions.  This multi-sensory learning environment allows students that show signs of dyslexia, dyscalculia or dysgraphia to thrive.  According to a recent Times-Union article, 80 percent of the students who participated in the GRASP pilot program made a year and half worth of progress.  Here’s to a great school year!