Celebrating the Aunts in Our Lives

SA-Aunties Day Poster 2014Are you ready to celebrate?  This Sunday, July 27th, is National Auntie’s Day, a time to thank, honor and celebrate the aunt (Auntie by Relation (ABR), Auntie by Choice (ABC)) or godmother in a child’s life.   Sponsored by Savvy Auntie, this “Mothers Day” for aunts and godmothers has its own official web destination (www.AuntiesDay.com) which features ideas on how parents and nieces and nephews can celebrate the Savvy Auntie in their lives and how aunts can pamper and treat themselves on their special day.  The site also includes cool posters and e-cards you can send the special aunties in your life.

While all aunts are celebrated on this day, the day is especially poignant to one in five American women who identify as PANKs®, or Professional Aunts No Kids. A study called The Power of the PANK released in November 2012 revealed that childless aunts are a sizeable segment of younger women with disposable income, dynamic influence, and a digitally-connected lifestyle who are extraordinarily generous with the children in their lives, those children’s parents, and our communities at large. 23 million American women are PANKs and are found to collectively spend $9 billion on gifts for children not-their-own each year.

Your Turn:  Give a shout out to the “savvy auntie” in your life or the life of your child via our Facebook or Twitter.  Be sure to use the hashtag #GenW.