Carla Harris Shares Her Wisdom with Wichita

Carla HarrisNot only is Carla Harris the vice chairman of global wealth management, managing director and senior client advisor at Morgan Stanley, but she is also the chair of the National Women’s Business Council, was recently named one of “The 50 Most Powerful Black Executives in Corporate America” by Fortune Magazine and is the author of “Expect to Win:  Proven Strategies for Success from a Wall Street Vet.”  No wonder we were all so inspired by her when she spoke during Generation W!  

Need a little Carla inspiration today?  Checkout her recent interview with the Wichita Business Journal.  Among the great “pearls” of Carla wisdom:

“My mother in particular used to always say to me that you have to go all out and really make sure that you’re really good at what you’re doing so that you have an opportunity to get your due. I’m a big believer in hard work.

And I also make it a point not to pick up anybody else’s baggage. If I think you have an issue with who I am or what I look like, I don’t take that on. My job is to deliver and deliver well. And if part of delivering well means I have to have a connection and build a relationship with you, then I’m going to figure out a way to do that. I’m not going to get preoccupied believing that you might be thinking that I’m not ‘X’ because I happen to look like ‘Y.’ I’m going to focus on making them realize that there is no one that’s going to deliver this transaction or this piece of advice better than I am.”

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You Tell Us:  What is the best advice you have learned from Carla Harris?