Where Does Career Happiness Come From?

According to Citi/LinkedIn’s latest Today’s Professional Woman Report, career happiness, satisfaction and success are not just end goals, but moving targets.

So, what does it take to truly be happy in your career?

Watch this great video from Connect, a free LinkedIn group powered by Citi, that features videos and interviews with influential businesswomen such as Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington, BlogHer’s Lisa Stone, XO Group’s Carley Roney and Levo League’s Tiffany Dufu (one of our Generation W speakers!). Tiffany’s words of wisdom:  “The most necessary ingredient for success, in my opinion, is authenticity” and “Spend less time worrying about things you don’t really have choices about yet, and spend more time manifesting and generating more options for yourself”.

Enjoy–and let us know where your career happiness comes from!