Are You Bringing Yourself to Work…Every Day?

Woman working on computerDid you see April Rudin’s latest column for Huffington Post?  Inspired by participating in Generation W 2014, April challenges us to differentiate ourselves from others by bringing our “real selves” to the workplace.  “Conformity is a thing of the past; today we should differentiate ourselves from others,” writes April.  “You never know when your range of “personal” skills and experiences will advance your career.”

April goes on to write:

“As usual, dynamic women in business are lighting the way. Nowhere was that more apparent than at the third annual Generation W Conference in Jacksonville last month. The event is itself a celebration of women who are visionaries in their fields. Its founder and CEO, Donna Orender, explained, “Our event is about imagining possibilities. Whether winning a game or crafting an effective marketing strategy, women understand that building teams and forging relationships produces spectacular outcomes.””

Thank you, April, for capturing the power of Generation W–and giving us all a reason to bring ourselves to work everyday.

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image courtesy of jseliger2/CC BY 2.0