Our List for National Book Lovers Day

4694122800_e2bccdb2c9_zThis Saturday is National Book Lovers Day–are you prepared to spend the day lost inside a great read?  If you’re still looking for some books to add to your pile, why not checkout some of these by our 2014 Generation W speakers.


The Athena Doctrine: How Women (And the Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future
By John Gerzema
Among 64,000 people surveyed in thirteen nations, two thirds feel the world would be a better place if men thought more like women. This marks a global trend away from the winner-takes-all, masculine approach to getting things done. Drawing from interviews at innovative organizations in eighteen nations and at Fortune 500 boardrooms, the authors reveal how men and women alike are recognizing significant value in traits commonly associated with women, such as nurturing, cooperation, communication, and sharing.The Athena Doctrine shows why femininity is the operating system of 21st century prosperity.

A Diary of Healing
By Mary Ann Wasil
At the time of my diagnosis, I scoured the bookstores and internet for stories that would lift me up, tell me this was do-able.  I found very few.  My story is your story, as long as your story is filled with unflinching hope. Since I can’t be right beside you to hold your hand and tell you “you can do this,” I hope this book will be the next-best-thing.

EXPECT TO WIN: Proven Strategies for Success from a Wall Street Vet
By Carla Harris
One of Wall Street’s most powerful and lauded women shares her strategies for long-term success in any career. While climbing the corporate ladder, Carla Harris sought career advice from her mentors and superiors but found some of the counsel too nonspecific. As Carla’s career advanced, she discovered the key survival tools to business success and vowed that when she reached senior management and people came to her for advice she would provide them with specific, play-by-play answers about what they needed to do to fulfill their career potential.  Carla Harris is a Wall Street veteran. Expect to Win is a must-read for anyone seeking battle-tested tools to triumph over common career challenges and to achieve maximum success in any field.

Fountain of Truth: Outsmart Hype, False Hope and Heredity to Recalibrate Your Age
By Genie James
In this eye-opening read, Genie James doesn’t just tell women how to slow the aging process; she offers a revolutionary approach to change the aging process, securing a much healthier, happier, and more vibrant future. Medical miracles really do have the potential to reduce our risk of chronic disease while positively impacting long-term health, sexuality, and longevity, and there are things you can do to override your genes to age slower, happier, and better. But, shift happens, as they say, and there are some things you can’t change, and some things that are downright dangerous. James shares the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Sometimes You Need To Kick Your Own Butt
By Pegine Echevarria
It’s time to kick butt…and take responsibility for changing your own world for the better! Each chapter features four easy to read segments designed to help you do just that. Quotes – Sayings that inspire and tell it like it is Try its – Incremental, step by step techniques that take you a little further to a being the person you were meant to be. They worked for me, and they’ll work for you! Kick Butt Actions – State-changing, world-changing strategies that immediately people you to a new level. They take courage. Pegine learned a long time ago that courage = fear plus action. So … feel the fear and kick your own butt anyway! Stories – Accounts that enthuse, motivate, and kick your own butt. Read them and take action!

The Little Book of BIG LIES: and TRUTHS That Set You Free
By Tina Lifford
The Little Book of BIG LIES is a study in Self-care and freedom. It’s the Life Skills class you never had in school. You are the teacher and the student as you discover and squash the lies that lurk in the corners waiting to trip you up…shame, guilt, self-rejection, self-judgment, playing small, plus dozens of “sacred tortures” you know so well. Tina Lifford has served up 14 raw, personal stories to touch your core and help you navigate life’s dramas, traumas, upsets, and disappointments. The stunningly honest stories read more like a novel than the roadmap to Inner Fitness they really are.

Through Rose Colored Glasses A Marathon from Fear to Love
By Donna Deegan
Donna Deegan was only months from realizing her dream of launching the nation’s first national breast cancer marathon, when she was diagnosed with the disease for the third time. While still committed to the race, Deegan began searching for answers beyond the conventional. As she opened one door, it led to the next. What started as a quest for a cure became a physical and spiritual rebirth. Deegan takes us along on her journey with great candor and humor. From the creation of a race that now draws thousands from all over the coutnry and the world, to her very personal marathon from fear to love. This book is a must read for anyone who has ever struggled to overcome fear. Its simple yet powerful message contains the secret of life itself.

150 Heroes: People In Sport Who Make This a Better World
By Richard Lapchick
150 Heroes: People in Sport Who Make This a Better World is a celebration of all that is good in the sporting world. For the 25th anniversary of the National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS), Richard Lapchick and a crew of dedicated researchers bring to you some of the most uplifting stories in sporting history, featuring student-athletes, professional athletes, athletics administrators, civic leaders, coaches, parents, and more who have had a positive and great impact on sport and society, often in the face of adversity and discouragement.