ALL IT TOOK WAS AN AHA! MOMENT: Generation W 2013 Attendee Peggy Slater Imagines The Possible

image courtesy of isolated images

image courtesy of isolated images

The theme for Generation W 2014 is Imagine The Possible. And it is what Generation W wants to help women do – imagine the possible in their lives and communities. It is expected that 1,300 women will attend the daylong event in April.  That means 1,300 opportunities to change the world, even if it is a change in just ONE woman’s world — exactly what happened for Peggy Slater last year.

Slater attended the 2013 Generation W event, coming from St. Louis, MO.  She had reached a point in her life where, though she wasn’t unhappy, she felt she was missing something. That her talents were not being used to her full potential; she felt there was something more she should be doing, but she wasn’t sure what it was.  She was stalled.

She attended a breakout session, “Reinventing Yourself” with speaker Lisa Shalett, a VP from Goldman Sachs.  During the Q&A session, Slater was able to briefly share her background and her feelings of falling short of her potential.  And that is when the AHA! Moment came.

“Shalett’s advice was that, rather than just having people in my life who would support me, I needed someone who would PROVOKE me,” says Slater.  “She was so right.  I began working with a thought-provoking executive coach, and committed to a real, paid-for commitment to determine what would provide a sense of challenge and fulfillment in my life.  Something to scare me a little.  I have NEVER been scared, never taken a risk or given myself the chance to leap and let the net appear.”

Now, after much research and soul-searching, Slater is poised to open K9 Fit Club, a fitness club/community where dogs and their people work out together.

“It is rich with possibilities to help all kinds of people and it’s fun!  I have been licensed and certified.  I’m close to having the location for my first club in St. Louis, I have the financing in place and have an advisory board to get the business off on a good start – attorney, accountant, veterinarians, etc.   Now the focus shifts to recruiting staff for the club.  It’s really happening and it all started at Gen W.  I’m sick to my stomach all the time and it’s phenomenal!”

One-on-one inspiration and direction — Isn’t that the kind of motivation we all need?

It’s time for you to imagine your possible–register today for Generation W 2014 to be held on April 4th.  Click here for more information and to buy tickets.