Ale’ta Turner Shares Takeaways from Gen W

Thank you, Ale’ta Turner, for sharing your key takeaways from Generation W 2015 on a blog post written for the Jacksonville Public Education Fund.  “I walked away from Generation W inspired by the women and men, who came together to begin and continue the dialogue of supporting women in leadership roles,” writes Ale’ta.  Here is an excerpt from her blog post:


DebWaltonEvery public education advocate understands the importance of having diverse voices and inclusion of different ethnicities at the table. Through Discover Duval Schools in partnership with Duval County Public Schools, our organization is working to ensure that community members are informed about the different academic offerings neighborhood and magnet schools have to offer. When community members take the time to walk the halls of our local public schools, they often discover that there are opportunities to better support those outside of their own communities.

I’d like to share Deb Walton of Thomson Reuters, 7 lessons for success for your career:

  1. Build Your Personal Brand

  2. Maximize Mentorship

  3. Color Outside the Lines

  4. Be Courageous and Take Risks

  5. Focus on Performance

  6. Practice Honest Prioritization

  7. Build Your Fanbase

Deb Walton shared her personal story of her career trajectory with accompanying for soundtrack for success. “Color Outside the Lines” was another way of saying don’t be afraid to have new experiences! 


Click here to read the entire post.

What takeaways would you like to share from Generation W?  Let us know–we’d love to feature you and/or your blog post on our site!