A New School Year Full of Positivity and Possibility

genw-9916SCHOOL DAYS, SCHOOL CRAZE…Even though my boys are now living at colleges in distant states, I will forever feel the intrinsic rhythms of the school calendar. In my brain, September is the “real” beginning of the calendar, and Sunday night still feels like a school night (even with NBC’s emphatic branding that it is football night). For those of us with kids, schedules become much more regular which usually translates into being more hectic, with homework, activities, and the pressures of just growing up.

Our Generation WOW girls are similarly back in school mode – and this year they have something extra to help carry them through the year: Generation WOW Clubs! The girls raised their hands and asked to start something new and the meaningful impact of the positive and the possible will come to life for the first time in some of NE Florida’s neighborhood schools, including four high schools where City Year does its magic. The girls will learn how to become mentors and leaders in their own right, and actively engage in projects that will better themselves and those around them. Confidence and self-esteem will surely be positive outcomes.

There are so many articles about the value of women supporting each other. Did you see the wonderful video from Lean In where women like Emma Watson, Kerry Washington, and Serena Williams talk about the role female mentors have had in their lives? The message of “we are more powerful when we empower each other” resonates with us all and is especially true when we talk about empowering and mentoring young women. TWEET THIS

We need more women like YOU who will commit to making the lives of girls better by becoming a Generation WOW mentor. The women who ultimately participate as a Generation WOW mentor believe that unlocking the potential of our youth, particularly young women, is to our collective betterment. If you agree, sign up to be a change maker and a mentor for our Generation WOW girls on November 2nd (click HERE for online registration!). We are entering into an exciting time as the girls themselves lead Generation WOW in new directions; we are looking forward to once again watching great ideas turn into moments of great impact—for the girls, for their mentors, and for our entire community.

Did I mention I loved school, looking forward to going back and being WOWed?






by Donna Orender
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