A New Day is on the Horizon

OPRAH, OPRAH, OPRAH…. talk about galvanizing a moment into a movement.

The women in the entertainment industry decided that the best way to create change is to team up. The sea of black dresses, the powerful speeches, the community advocates on the red carpet alongside the movie stars…it was definitely a watershed moment for an industry where the imbalance of power has been brought to the fore in many ways. Start local and act global, and that is what our Hollywood sisterhood is doing. As Susan Sarandon so eloquently said, “in solidarity and gratitude with all women in all industries, acknowledging our mutual power and vulnerability. Times up on silence, on imbalance of power, on inaction.”

The momentum and energy that is created when we come together as a community—uniting across all industries, genders, races, religions, socioeconomic platforms—is powerful enough to create sustainable change in this world. We all have an important role to play, each and every day.

And we see it happening right here in Jacksonville.

For the past four years, we have brought together local community agencies, businesses and citizens to transform the lives of those living in the First Coast through Generation WORKS, a dedicated day of service led by women and girls with the objective of bringing sustainable change and impact to our neighborhoods. In just one day, houses have been built, gardens have been kept, buildings have been cleaned, classrooms have been organized, food has been distributed, and landscapes have been maintained. By partnering with agencies such as Angelwood, Hubbard House, Rethreaded, Feeding Northeast Florida, Habijax, Hemming Park–not to mention the many schools we work within Duval County–we are making a difference, taking a stand, and giving hope to those who may feel as if their voices are not heard.

I encourage you to volunteer and join us for this year’s Generation WORKS which will be held on February 3rd. Click here to visit our site and see the agencies we will be working with and sign up for a project that resonates with you. Teaming up creates a win-win for all who raise their hands, take a shovel, swipe a paintbrush, fold a sweater. This is an opportunity to for US, continuing on with the wise words of Oprah, “a new day is on the horizon! And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women…and some pretty phenomenal men, fighting hard ” to bring equality to all. Together we do just that!

Can’t wait to see you on February 3rd!