It’s OK to Drop the Ball

School is out and while the weather warms and classes come to a halt, our to-do-lists are still very much in session. Feeling guilty about the prospect of spending time for fun? While summers offer the promise of a family road trip or vacation, or perhaps this is the summer where you strike one off the bucket list, all the planning and coordinating still feels rather daunting. When the defacto answer is “BUSY!” to the question of “How you are doing?”, we must do better.

Women’s leadership expert, author, and Generation W 2014 speaker, Tiffany Dufu, just wrote a book that talks about this very concept. In her memoir Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less, Tiffany encourages us to stop thinking that having it all means we have to do it all. “For me dropping the ball is less about making a mistake or failing to take timely action; for me, dropping the ball is about releasing unrealistic expectations that you were supposed to do it all in the first place,” said Tiffany during a recent interview.

We do have a tendency to set ourselves up as we fail to set realistic expectations. And this, continuing to use Tiffany’s “dropping the ball” theme, really gets the ball rolling. When we don’t meet expectations, we tend to fall into a negative mindset, which directly affects our productivity.

A key is to find out what matters to us and what we need to do to achieve that. Tiffany calls this giving ourselves “space to flourish” Everyday we should afford ourselves a “space to flourish” It is a good strategy for the summer, when we find ourselves in backyards with friends, on the road with family and with perhaps a moment or two to take in the beauty and wonder that is around us.

So, as we head into the first weeks of summer, I encourage you to check out Tiffany’s insights in Drop the Ball.

Last but certainly not least, congratulations to the winners and finalists recognized at the 48th Annual EVE Awards Luncheon in Jacksonville Florida. Since 1969, The Florida Times-Union has been recognizing women of The First Coast for excellence in the areas of education, volunteer service, and employment. It is so important when communities come together to recognize the vital work that women lead and make happen.

2017 EVE Award Winners:

2017 EVE Award Finalists:

  • Circuit Judge Suzanne Bass
  • Lt. Lakesha Burton, Chief Executive Officer, Police Athletic League
  • Cindy Stoddart Cooper, Chief Development Officer, Volunteers in Medicine Clinic Jacksonville
  • Lisé Everly, Board President, Women’s Center of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Humane Society
  • Faye Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Northeast Florida Healthy Start
  • Kristin “Kristi” Leonard, Board President and Co-Founder, Therapy Animal Coalition
  • Debra Lynch, Principal, Atlantic Coast High School
  • Circuit Judge Virginia Norton
  • Ellen Siler, Chief Executive Officer, Hubbard House

Read about the all of these extraordinary women here!