8 Tips for First-Time Golfers

GolftipsNew to the game of golf?  Before you hit the course or put the clubs in your car, here are some words of advice for first-time golfers:

“For first time golfers my advice is to seek out a PGA or an LPGA Professional and bring a friend! We can introduce you to the game in a fun and relaxing atmosphere that will get you on course quickly with the skills you need to manage your game at any event. Golf is a game of a lifetime and we invite you to join us.”–Suzy Whaley, Secretary of The PGA of America


“Relax.  In golf, the harder you try to hit the ball, the worse your shot will be.  Let go and let the club do the work,” –Stacey W


“If you’re new to golf but not sure how to start, learning with a group can be really fun so gather a few of your favorite girl (or guy) friends who are also new and make an outing of it.  In our group outing we learned that via the PGA website, you can be matched to a tour approved pro in your area to ensure setting up a session that you can learn the proper fundamentals and have fun!”–Ita Ekpoudom, CEO of Tigress Ventures


“Don’t rush out to buy a new set of golf clubs.  Borrow a set from friends or neighbors.  You can also call ahead to the course and ask about renting a set of clubs–they may be a little beat up, but that’s OK.  You have plenty of time to invest in your own set down the road.” –Kelly K.


“There is this pervasive perception that everyone who plays golf is good. The vast majority of golfers is not playing at the level you see on TV. If you are new to the game, spend some time on the first hole watching other golfers tee off and you will soon discover that you really are good enough to be out there playing with them.” –Sandy Cross, Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion for The PGA of America.


“Don’t miss your tee time.  If a tee time is missed, you may lose your spot and have to wait around for another opening.  Plan to get to the course at least 30-minutes before your tee time–use any extra time you have to practice hitting a few balls on the driving range.” –Maureen M.


“If you just want to check out the game, sign up for a clinic or do a series of clinics.  Then, if you really want to play the game, be a part of the conversation and have a seat at the table, find someone to coach you.  Be consistent with your learning.” —Jackie Cannizzo, PGA Professional, Director of Instruction, Founder/Dare to Golf



“Learn basic golf etiquette.  You can find the basic rules of the game online, but most of it is common sense:  be quiet while others are playing their shots, don’t step on a player’s putting line, never take a shot if there’s a chance you may hit the group ahead of you, etc.” –Rachel S.


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