7 Easy Ways to Manage Your Health

Woman doing yogaPersonal health has certainly been a major part of the headlines lately.  We thought this would be a good time to share these 7 EASY tips for managing your own health from Florida Blue:

Wash Your Hands Often

Walk Daily

Get Regular Checkups and Screenings

Know Your Medications
Medications should be kept in their original containers and you should never alter dosages.

Build a Healthy Plate
In addition to knowing what is on your plate, you need be aware of how you are eating.  Don’t eat too fast and pay attention to your hunger levels before, during and after meals.

Keep a Personal Health Record
This should include information such as allergies, emergency contacts, immunization records and existing medical conditions.

Handle Food Properly
Safe steps in food handling, cooking and storage are important to prevent foodborne illness.

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image courtesy of flickr/BY CC 2.0