5 Things to Know about Britain’s New Prime Minister

theresemay121-large_trans++GLLAPY3LddE1Qiv-bsIMYEpOjEuByBQ-qnj-v4gOKxM-2As Theresa May becomes Britain’s new–and second female–prime minister, we wanted to share some things everyone should know about this “shrewd politician” from a recent New York Times article.

She has been a long-serving home secretary: Ms. May has served longer in the cabinet post of home secretary than any since the 19th century. She has held the post since 2010.

She has promised to lead Britain out of the European Union: She has ruled out holding a second referendum, saying that the people have spoken and that “Brexit means Brexit.” She said she would not invoke the legal mechanism that begins the withdrawal process until later in the year.

She wants to give workers a seat on corporate boards: She has promised to address inequality, give workers greater representation on corporate boards and limit tax cuts.

She was introduced to her husband by Benazir Bhutto: At a Conservative Association dance in 1976, she was introduced to Philip May, her future husband, by Benazir Bhutto, a fellow student who would go on to become the first female prime minister of Pakistan.

She is an avid cookbook collector: She enjoys cooking and owns more than 100 cookbooks.

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