4 Ways to Succeed as a Social Entrepreneur

Eco green world ideas backgroundGeneration W got a shout-out in a recent Huffington Post blog written by GenW speaker Saudia Davis, CEO of GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning.  Saudia was part of the panel discussion regarding social entrepreneurship, a topic she knows well as the founder of a company built upon the principle of doing well while doing good.

“It isn’t always easy to find success as a social entrepreneur,” Saudia writes in her blog on Huffington Post.  “After all, most of us are driven by our passion for the cause and can sometimes lose sight of the idea that we really do need to build a business — the more successful our business becomes, the more positive change we can create.”

In her blog, Saudia shares the four things she has learned as a social entrepreneur which include:

  • Build a Team Focused on Your Mission
  • Invest in Authentic Relationships
  • Create a Culture of Risk Taking
  • Never Stop Learning

Click here to read her entire blog with more details on how you can succeed as a social entrepreneur.