4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

As soon as “The Confidence Code” hit the bookshelves, people started talking. Could it be true that we are in the midst of a gender confidence gap? According to the book’s authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as competence.

What can you do now to begin boosting your confidence and finding success?

Get Physical
Yes, working out on a regular basis is known to improve your self-confidence in addition to improving your overall health and physical appearance. However, it isn’t just about running two miles before work. There are a little things you can do physically that will go a long way towards improving your overall mental attitude such as walking faster and practicing good posture. According to the website PicktheBrain.com, walking 25% faster will make you look and feel more important and standing up straight will instantly make you feel more alert and empowered.

confidenceCompliment Others
“If you cannot toot your own horn, toot another woman’s horn,” said Geraldine Laybourne during Generation W 2014. Complimenting others takes the focus off of us, so when we constantly look for the good in others, we will soon be thinking about the good in ourselves as well. Get in the habit of praising others—now.

Take a Risk—A Small One
“If you are going to be able to get ahead and find opportunities, you must take risks,” said Saudia Davis, CEO of GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning and Generation W 2014 panelists. If risk taking is new to you, try taking small steps outside of your comfort zone such as speaking up at least once during group discussions or choosing to sit in the front row for a workshop or meeting.

Honor Yourself
“Women who honor themselves, who have the guts to give themselves kudos, speak about their accomplishments and give themselves applause are confident,” writes Pegine Echevarria, CEO of Team Pegine, Inc. and Generation W 2014 speaker. If this appears to be a lot easier said than done, stop thinking about yourself and instead focus on the contributions you are making to the rest of the world. Keep a small notebook where you can write down the things you are doing to make a difference—when you are having a non-confident moment, just read through your journal.


What are you doing to help boost your confidence this week?