4 Qs with WJCT’s Melissa Ross

melissaAs the host and chief producer of First Coast Connect, WJCT’s daily flagship call-in program, Melissa Ross has gained a deeper understanding of the issues and trends affecting the city of Jacksonville. “I am invested in this area’s success,” says Melissa.

As we prepare to once again welcome Melissa to Generation W (the event is coming up quick—March 27—do you have your tickets? Click here to register), we asked her 4 questions about Jacksonville, turning passion into purpose and what she is looking forward to most during this year’s conference:


Q1: How are you involved in the community of Jacksonville and why is that so important for you?
I’ve gotten involved in various ways over the years serving on nonprofit boards. But also, hosting this program has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the issues and trends affecting this city. I am invested in this area’s success.


Q2: What does the phrase “Passion and Purpose” mean to you?  Do you have an example of how you have turned a passion into a purpose?
I have a passion for good storytelling. So, I’m lucky in being so fortunate to host this program because I’ve found a great purpose!


Q3: What tips do you have for other women who want to have passion & purpose in their lives?
It’s important to be self-aware. Know what you’re good at and what you’re not so great at doing. Find an occupation or an initiative that fires you up and fulfills you.


Q4: What are you looking forward to most during this year’s Generation W?  Is there a particular speaker and/or program you can’t wait to see?
Pretty hard to choose!  The Weight Watchers SVP (Stacey Hubbard) should be fascinating, but there are a lot of great speakers. The program looks so exciting!


WJCT is a Generation W Media Partner and is also the producer of Generation W Profiles.