10 Women in Tech to Follow on Twitter

Women in Tech to Follow on TwitterIf you are in the tech world, Twitter should be part of your arsenal of communication tools.  Yet, Twitter is often a difficult thing to master–after all, it takes great creativity to get your thoughts and actions down into 140 character bites of text.  And, who do you follow?  Do we want to only follow those with 1 million+ followers or are there other women in the Twitterverse that can inspire and inform us with their online conversations?

“Sure, you can Google ‘important women in tech,’ but that will probably pull up the big names, like Sheryl Sandberg, Virginia Rometty, Susan Wojcicki, and Marissa Mayer,” writes Skillcrush in a recent blog post for Levo League.  “Sure, that will get you started, but what if you want the chance to talk with a senior developer or founder who doesn’t have 3 million followers, or a gaming pro who is space for women in the field?”

Skillcrush gives you 35 amazing women in tech to follow–here are the top 10:




Megan Smith–@smithmegan
CTO of the United States and Assistant to the President

Ayah Bdeir–@ayahbdeir
Founder of Little Bits

Poornima Vijayashanker–@poornima
Founder of Femgineer

Kimberly Bryant–@6gems
Founder of Black Girls Code

Reshma Saujani–@reshmasaujani
Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code and author of Women Who Don’t Wait in Line

Padmasree Warrior–@padmasree
Chief Technology and Strategy Officer at Cisco

Gina Bianchini–@ginab
Former CEO of Ning and current head of Mightybell

Gina Trapani–@ginatrapani
Founder of Lifehacker and co-founder of ThinkUp

Vanessa Hurst–@DBNess
CEO of Code Montage and co-founder of Girl Develop It and Write Speak Code

Caterina Fake–@Caterina
Founder of Findery and co-founder of Flickr and Hunch

Be sure to read the entire blog for additional amazing women in tech to follow as well as sample tweets from everyone on the list (one of our favorites is from Padmasree Warrior:  “So much to disrupt, so little time”)

Who are you following?


image courtesy of flicker/BY CC 2.0