Susan Michal, Award Winning Photographer

Susan Michal has spent over 20 years as a working photographer and is a respected leader and lecturer in the photography industry. She first picked up a camera while touring as a musician and knew she had found a new passion. Susan spent 25 years in the music industry and has always worked in the arts. She opened her photography studio 20 years ago and has focused her photography on families and children. Her adorable children’s work has been featured on greeting cards and calendars around the world in major retail stores for over 15 years.

Susan has always loved nature and the outdoors and has a deep appreciation for fine art landscape and nature photography. It was only natural that at some point she would find her own niche in fine art photography. Susan’s natural love for nature led her to an intense passion and an unparalleled ability to capture the beauty of the flower. Her approach is different in that she photographs most of her floral subject in a studio environment rather than their natural environment. Susan feels that the controlled lighting brings out details often missed in flowers. She is especially attracted to the intense colors and textures that the studio lighting highlights. Many of her images have a very painterly quality that makes you wonder how did she do that? Many ask, is that a photograph or a painting? As an experienced painter Susan loves that quality in her photography work and credits her many years of lighting experience as the reason her images look the way they do.

Susan is very aware of the short life that flowers have and has been interested in photographing them as they transition through the stages of bud to full bloom and death. Many of Susan’s favorite images are of blooms well past their prime. As flowers transition through different stages the colors change drastically. The textures become intense. Some of Susan’s favorite work is in this stage of the flowers life.

Flowers are one of the most sought after fine art genres and Susan’s images have established her as a leader in this area of fine art. Her images have become collectible almost immediately and she looks forward to all of the exciting possibilities as she pursues her passion for the art of fine art flower photography. She is currently working on her first book that will feature more than 150 of her most beautiful and interesting images.

Susan holds the coveted Master of Photography degree from Professional Photographers of America and currently serves as this organization of over 28,000 professional members as Chairman of the Board.