Kym Seavey Dunton, Senior Consultant, Women’s Health Strategy, Baptist Health

Kym Dunton, RN is the senior consultant for the Women’s Health Strategy for Baptist Health working with women through “4HER” as well as a certified health coach.

With a background in exercise physiology, Kym worked in corporate wellness before moving to Florida in 1990 where she pursued a nursing degree.

In addition to her full-time position at Baptist, Kym is a certified fitness instructor who teaches fitness classes at the Ritz Carlton and Amelia Island Plantation

Kym is a speaker at the annual Girls’ Day Out in Jacksonville, a trainer in DIsc™ & PeopleMapping ™ and a past recipient of 100 Great Nurses of Northeast Florida. Her mantra is to care for yourself well enough to add “life to your years while adding years to your life!