John Matthews, Principal, KPMG Strategy


John is a new Principal at KPMG where he leads the healthcare strategy practice. In this role, he is responsible for growing and overseeing KPMG’s strategy business across provider, payer and life sciences. Prior to joining KPMG, John was a Principal at Deloitte where he co-led the provider strategy practice and held multiple client account leadership roles for large life sciences companies. John began his consulting career in 1997 with Monitor Company and was a partner there running their Chicago office until Deloitte acquired Monitor in 2013.

Professional and industry experience

John’s primarily serves clients in healthcare. He has very deep experience in life sciences, particularly in commercial strategy, capability building, and R&D strategy. Over the past 5 years has also worked extensively for provider systems and for payers on enterprise strategy and customer engagement. While much of his work has been centered on competitive strategy within an industry, he has increasingly been working on strategic challenges that span traditional boundaries in healthcare, using his experience across the sector to help his clients find new opportunities and develop new business models that are outside of their traditional competitive spaces. In addition, John has worked in other sectors and industries, most notably in consumer goods which he sees as increasingly relevant to his healthcare clients as they transition to a world where patients and consumers are the key customers.

Recent Illustrative client engagements

—Corporate strategy with a focus on transition to value positioning for a large provider system
—Hospital portfolio and services strategy for a large life science company using detailed insight into provider strategy and operations to prioritize opportunities
—Long range enterprise strategy for a large health care provider system
—Growth strategy for a regional hospital
—Hospital growth and operations strategy for a major academic medical center
—Medicare member experience program and platform for a major national health plan to both increase share in key markets, and improve health and resource utilization of Medicare members
—Strategic capability development for pipeline assets in a major pharmaceutical company
—Long range corporate strategy and portfolio strategy for a global packaged food company
—Launch strategy and execution of an innovative wellness program for a U.S. insurance company
—Integrated commercial capabilities building program at a major pharmaceutical company