Blakely Stein, Founder, Lady Love Food

1534849_10152221701456873_663216421_o-2Blakely Stein, a passionate foodie, yogini, surfer, dancer and professionally trained chef offers to change the way you view food, cooking and your health.   Blakely’s food journey evolved from culinary school and working the line in the Big Apple to owning her own catering business for the the past four years. The past year she has been cooking in Costa Rica, California and Colorado. She is transitioning into offering healing, education and vitality through her vibrant and delicious food. Her enthusiasm, energy and skill in the kitchen will leave you craving more. Expect locally sourced ingredients with little processing, lots of flavor and a ton of love to energize your body. She emphasizes the importance of becoming present through vibrant living foods. Beyond experiencing her cuisine, she teaches quick and easy recipes that are nutritionally and spiritually charged. Blakely will leave you with knowledge and inspiration to integrate healthy foods into your daily life.