Generation WOW

What happens when generations of fabulous women, the leaders of tomorrow and the leaders of today connect?

The Positive and the Possible

In 2013 more than 300 teen girls and 70 women leaders became part of Generation WOW, a dynamic and energetic program that provokes thought, inspires dreams and creates connections through a unique year-long mentorship experience. Kicked-off by a one-day event filled with learning and laughter (lots of laughter), Generation WOW is designed to build self-esteem and empower young women as they take the world head on with confidence and conviction.

Check out the video from Generation WOW 2013

The culminating experience of all our Generation WOW events is “The Geraldine” Mentor WalkTheGeraldine, founded by Geraldine Laybourne, the creator of Nickelodeon and Oxygen Media. Hosted in over 40 countries, this walk is an opportunity to build intergenerational connections and provides access to a lifelong mentor network.