International GIT Your Pink On! Day

October 20, 2017 all-day

Are you interested in hosting a “GIT Your Pink On!” Day at your business or company? Great! Sign up here.

Every dollar donated helps pay for the production of the Daisy Wheels, the tool which we give FREE to girls in grades 5-12, teaching them the importance of, and how to do a breast self-exam. This meaningful service project and awareness campaign for the Get In Touch Girls’ Program & Daisy Wheel assists us in our most important initiative – “changing the world one girl at a time!”

If your business or company organizes a “GIT Your Pink On!” Day this year, please be sure to e-mail us photographs that we can share on our website and newsletter – we want to publicly thank you and let everyone see you “GIT Your Pink On!”.

You can donate online, here.