You Are Not Alone
June 22, 2018 SOS, SOS … two amazingly gifted people recently did something that shook us to our core. The outward appearance of glamour, wealth and fame, of having it all was stripped bare by the most horrifying of acts. As TV, print, and social media have all honored and memorialized both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, I […] read more
The Season to Fly
June 7, 2018 And so there they were with their rainbow capes tied neatly around their shoulders, the 15 or so 5-year old soon to be Pre-K graduates were ready to fly. Their teachers, holding the rainbow aloft, gave the signal and the kids took off in their “flying away” ceremony. With capes streaming behind them and the […] read more
Changing the Definition of the Word Refugee
May 17, 2018 I grew up in Baghdad, Iraq. It’s a beautiful city. I had wonderful neighbors, a warm family, supportive parents. I enjoyed a rich culture and delicious food. My dad normally woke me up with Fairoz music and the smell of the Gardermoen tea. I loved my school and had a lot of friends. Though I […] read more
Personalizing the Immigration Story
May 7, 2018 We could not be more excited for Captain Rahmani. For those of us who got to meet her and hear her story first hand, her bravery, perseverance, and commitment to pursuing her dream at any cost inspired us. Her incredible story brought us to our feet in appreciation of her hard to believe journey that […] read more
SIGA Launches Action Plan Against Child Abuse in Sport
May 4, 2018 Following a special session organized by the Sports Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) at Miami Dade College in Florida, SIGA has launched an action plan against abuse, smuggling, and trafficking of children and young people in sport. The session gathered together a wide range of sport and government stakeholders including Generation W speaker Shellie Pfohl, President […] read more
Jamaican Immigrant I Am, Resilience is my Name
May 3, 2018 ‘Immigrant’ is becoming a dirty word. The word conjures either images of lazy outsiders who seek to use up the resources of hardworking Americans or large groups who seek refuge from battle-torn or disaster-ravaged regions, offering nothing in return. True stories, deeply personal stories are hidden behind scary statistics. So as American immigrants, we have […] read more
Afghanistan’s First Female Pilot Granted Asylum
May 2, 2018 We are excited to announce that Niloofar Rahmani, Afghanistan’s first female airplane pilot who spoke at Generation W, has been granted asylum in the United States. Niloofar left her native Afghanistan in 2015 to receive training in the U.S. and to escape death threats directed at her and her immediate family. Now, U.S. authorities have […] read more
Megha Parekh Featured in FSU’s Sports Talk Series
April 27, 2018 Generation W Speaker Megha Parekh Featured on Sports Talk Series         Generation W speaker Megha Parekh, senior vice president and chief legal officer for the Jacksonville Jaguars, was recently featured in Florida State University’s Sports Talk Series. Megha discussed her role as a woman in a male-dominated sports industry and her responsibilities […] read more
Rasheda Ali Honored by AHRC
April 26, 2018 Rasheda Ali Honored with Spirit of Humanity Award         Congratulations to Generation W speaker Rasheda Ali on being honored by the American Human Rights Council (AHRC). Rasheda, who will be a speaker during the organization’s Dinner Gala on May 4th, will receive the Spirit of Humanity award as well as be part […] read more
Training Women to Ask for More Money at Work
April 25, 2018 “There were just two words I uttered after job offers early in my career: ‘Thank you’”, writes our friend and Generation W speaker Kelly Wallace. “I never negotiated for money. If I did think about it, I quickly worried that I would anger my future employer if I even asked.” According to this great piece […] read more