Connectivity: Doing More Together Than We Can Imagine
April 25, 2017 Last week I watched 70-year-old Kathrine Switzer cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Kathrine made history by becoming the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry back in 1967—even as race officials tried to physically stop her. It took five additional years for women to be officially invited to participate […] read more
CNN Story Inspired by Generation W’s Women in Blue
April 24, 2017 The Women in Blue panel at Generation W was both powerful and inspiring.  Moderated by CNN’s Kelly Wallace, the women on the Generation W stage talked candidly about the changing face of law enforcement and how having more women on the force could lead to safer communities.  “Our work is about people.  People can connect […] read more
One Woman is Helping Kids Embrace Diversity
April 18, 2017 When Vanessa Hodgerson, associate general counsel for Adecco, attended her first Generation W in 2016, she didn’t know what to expect. “It was an entirely new environment for me, so I went in with the goal of taking three things away from the experience,” Vanessa said. “At the end of the day, I had a […] read more
Donna Orender to Speak at NDMU
April 12, 2017 Donna Orender to Speak during Notre Dame’s 2017 Busta Lecture in Business     Notre Dame’s 2017 Busta Lecture in Business -an annual event honoring leading female professionals-welcomes former WNBA president Donna Orender. She is the founder and CEO of Orender Unlimited and a distinguished trailblazer in women’s athletics. Having earned all-star status as a […] read more
Attend the Global Stress Summit–FREE
April 12, 2017 We are all feeling a little less stressed after hearing from Dr. Heidi Hanna at Generation W 2017.  After all, as Dr. Hanna stated, our energy is our most valuable resource and we must invest it wisely. To help you continue on the quest to utilize stress as a stimulus for growth rather than a […] read more
Tiffany Dufu Authors New Book
April 6, 2017 Former Generation W speaker Tiffany Dufu launches new book     Congratulations to former Generation W speaker Tiffany Dufu on the launch of her book Drop the Ball: Achieving More By Doing Less. Tiffany recently talked about her new book in an article for Fortune. “Drop the Ball is the story of my three-year journey to […] read more
I Am a Young Woman
April 6, 2017 I am a young woman, and I live in a world that believes my youth makes me incapable and my womanhood makes me weak. I am a young woman, and I live in a body that others assume is a dull, unintellectual thing. I am a young woman, and all my life, the world has […] read more
Thank You for the Magic at Generation W 2017!
April 5, 2017 The days following GENERATION W, my spirit continues to soar as we read through the many kind words and notes sent to us from attendees, speakers, and partners.   “What an incredible day at #GenW! Big thanks to the speakers for reaching us to lead w/ imagination, innovation, and inspiration.” –USF Sport and Entertainment MBA “It […] read more
Shelley Diamond Leads New Y&R Social Impact Practice
April 4, 2017 Shelley Diamond to lead Y&R Inspire Change, a global impact practice     Y&R has launched a global social impact practice, Y&R Inspire Change, geared towards both nonprofit organizations and brands incorporating social purpose strategies. The new practice is led by former Generation W speaker Shelley Diamond, Y&R’s chief client officer, and begins with two […] read more
Lessons in Equal Pay (Video)
April 4, 2017 Make it Work, an advocacy group for economic security, has partnered with YouTube star Issa Rae to create a two-and-a-half minute video explaining the wage gap in a kid-friendly way.  Enjoy! read more