Mammosphere Joins lifeIMAGE

So excited for Dr. Kathryn Pearson Peyton and the Mammosphere team!



Kathryn Pearson PeytonAs of January 1, 2016, Mammosphere has formally become part of lifeIMAGE, the most utilized network for medical image exchange in the country. lifeIMAGE has the industry leadership position, the credibility, the resources and the motivation to support the achievement of Mammosphere’s vision: creating a patient-focused network that connects all MQSA-certified breast centers with the ultimate goal of improving cancer detection rates, saving lives, managing treatment costs and reducing false-positives. lifeIMAGE intends to expand the Mammosphere service to its entire network, which consists of more than 700 facilities and 90,000 clinical users who are currently exchanging medical images to improve patient care. By expanding to these users, we can dramatically increase the volume of mammography exams available on Mammosphere and providers will have even more comparison studies available to them to improve outcomes for women all over the country.   Mammosphere’s founder and chief medical officer Dr. Kathryn Pearson Peyton will be joining lifeIMAGE as the head of its women’s health and imaging advisory committee where she will help take Mammosphere to the next level and advise on other women’s health initiatives.