5 Quotes to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!  Here are 5 quotes to inspire your thinking today.          

When Adversity Makes Us Stronger

Hey, our kids are angry, as they very well should be. Like Howard Beale in the classic movie “Network,” they are standing up and saying, “We are mad as hell, and we are not going to take this anymore.” THANK GOODNESS! for the voices, the passion, the anger and unfortunately the pain of our kids, who are doing their utmost to move the needle and create the desperately needed change to keep our kids, our teachers, and our school workers safe. Busloads of students and chaperones... more...

Diamond or Cubic Zirconia?

The blog is inspired by Javetta Fleury.   “Be yourself, but always your better self.”–Karl G. Maeser Women are born to love, but most of that love is focused externally. We find many people worthy of love in our lives, but very few of us find ourselves as worthy of that same love and acceptance. I know from experience; my journey to authentic self-worth started much later than I wish it had. So when I was given an opportunity to develop my own after school program for a group... more...

5 Motivational Quotes from U.S. First Ladies

When #MondayMotivation is also Presidents Day, we couldn’t help but share 5 motivational quotes from some of our U.S. First Ladies:                                                                                              

Generation WORKS on Facebook LIVE

In case you missed Saturday’s Generation WORKS (or just want to once again be inspired), here are some of the Facebook Live videos from our volunteers. Enjoy! Generation WORKS at R. V. Daniels Elementary Generation WORKS at Saint Augustine Boys and Girls Club Generation WORKS at Feeding Northeast Florida Generation WORKS at Children’s Home Society

WOW Mentors and Mentees Create Vision Boards

Last Saturday some of our WOW mentors and mentees got together to create vision boards. It was a great afternoon of fun and fellowship as we created vision boards that would help us start the New Year off right.  Here are some images from our day–thanks, Toni Hernandez for the pictures! Want to be the first to know about our next WOW event?  Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.            

Images from Jacksonville’s “Day of Action”

According to, an estimated 1,000 people from throughout Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia participated in the ”Day of Action” rally co-hosted by the Jacksonville and St. Augustine chapters of Women’s March Florida at the Landing. Here are some of the images from the day captured via social media. You can see more great images here. Do you have some images to share? We would love to see them–post them on any of our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.     Signs... more...

Inspiration from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

There really is no better way to get motivated on a Monday than by reading these words from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.                            

Oprah’s Golden Globes Speech

Even if you didn’t watch last night’s Golden Globes, you probably have heard about the speech that seemingly made an entire world hold its collective breath.  In accepting the Cecil B. de Mille Award (which, by the way, she was the first African American female to receive this honor), Oprah Winfrey gave us what many are calling the moment of the night.  Below is her acceptance speech–the perfect way to motivate us all on this Monday.    

How to Set Your Intentions for Success with Diverse Friendships

This post was originally published here. I’m happy to say that my friends vary in age, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds. I talk about anything and everything with my friends. For instance, not long ago my friend Doris and I had a very frank conversation about sex. Doris – whose nickname is D.C. – is 92. She shared something about sex with me that every woman should know. I don’t want to tell you what she said. It might ruin the impact of her message. But you can hear her hilarious... more...