“For Her” for Women’s Day? Think Again.

If the Bic brand wasn’t already feeling a bit bruised by the backlash of their “For Her” product launch and campaign, they may definitely be feeling the sting now.  Innocent, a UK smoothie company, took to social media to show how their female staff members were using their International Women’s Day gifts.  With signs saying things such as “I wrote this all by myself” and “Watch out Shakespeare”, employees let the world know just how they–and pretty much every other woman on the planet–felt about the sexist pens.  See some of the images below:





















The product itself was actually launched back in 2012 and catapulted into conversation when Ellen mentioned the pens during her monologue:

And now, thanks to Innocent, we are laughing at the absurdity once again.

One of my favorite moments of the viral campaign?  When a social media user (sarcastically) inquired about how she could get a “For Her” pen of her own, Innocent replied:  “You can’t buy these. Women should never be trusted with financial matters. Do you have a man with access to funds who could purchase them for you? Provided you have enough pocket money left, of course.”

Note to all brands:  get the voice of real female consumers in the room when you are considering launching a product “for women”.  It will save you time, money–and embarrassment–down the road.

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by Patti Minglin