What We Can Learn from a Time of Transitions



HAPPY LABOR DAY!!! Growing up in the Northeast, Labor Day was the official end of summer as school would immediately begin on that Tuesday. Since moving South, we have adjusted to the August start of school and, while still a bit of a jolt to my equilibrium, the rhythms of school – for those of us who still have school-aged children – can be a welcomed relief.

Of course, it is a time for transitions. I had been singularly focused on the remaining precious moments left with our twins as they readied to become college freshmen. And as the tears inevitably came, and candidly still do, I became aware of the first-time nursery school children, first-time kindergarteners, first-time middle-schoolers and high-schoolers – very aware of the emotions welling up in their moms and dads. Transitions are life’s way of reminding us that life continues to move on, and while the tears may flow, we must celebrate these steps, these milestones of life.

As we are focused on our students and school schedules, we are deeply involved in preparing for Generation WOW. This program enables the leaders of tomorrow, our Generation WOW high school girls, to meet the leaders of today, our Generation W community – YOU! The November 4th program will feature content that focuses on the positive and the possible, fun and dynamic presenters, and concludes with the internationally renowned Geraldine Mentor Walk. If you know of a high school girl who you think would benefit, by all means help her register at https://genwow2015.eventbrite.com. If she is a young woman who wants to be the best she can be, then she is a Generation WOW girl. If you would like to be a mentor, help change a girl’s life and enhance your own, please do register to join us.

Look forward to seeing you around!


by Donna Orender