What It Means to Be a CITIZEN

IMG_8931-CITIZEN“Racism is here. It is inescapable. It affects us all. And it is time to stop trying to distance ourselves from this truth,” writes Tina Lifford in her latest blog.  “Instead, we must face it. See it. Call it by its name.”

As Tina and the rest of the cast of CITZEN:  An American Lyric prepare for the show’s preview week and opening day, they helping us all discover what it truly means to be a citizen.

Here’s an excerpt:


Birth is a hard process. It does not matter if you are birthing a child, a project, relationship, performance, or a new relationship with racism. Every birth pulls at our very flesh – pushing us into discomfort and tearing at our seams. This is how new life finds its way into the world.

These times are calling us all forward. They ask every citizen to become more aware. And they gift each of us with an opportunity to stand up, use our voice and birth a new idea of what it means to be a CITIZEN.





Tina Lifford, who is currently in rehearsals for the world premiere of CITIZEN: An American Lyric, is doing a series of blogs while she is mounting the stage show–taking us all on a journey of exploring racism through the lens of working on this play not only as an artist, but also as an inner fitness trainer focused on emotional healing.  This is the fifth post in her series.  You can read all of Tina’s posts on her website: http://theinnerfitnessproject.com