TRUST Is the Starting Point

On June 29th, Generation W and the Cummer Museum will host a discussion on race, equity & community. [TWEET THIS]


For hundreds of years, art has been used as a powerful tool in bringing to light important and often sensitive issues, igniting conversations and inspiring each and every one of us to action. Art, in all of its forms, encourages people of every shape, size and color to participate without judgment. It is a platform built on trust and, as the saying goes, art is an imitation of life, serving as a reflection of the diverse voices and cultures that are the fabric of our communities.

So, how do we individually contribute to make better communities, positively impact our neighbors, and realize the upside potential of the  present and future of our families?

As the pressure on communities across America rises, and the divides within them widen, we proactively reached out seeking how to best close the divides and bridge understanding in our own backyards. What we heard most was the need to build TRUST.

TRUST was the issue that brought five outstanding thought leaders to the stage at Generation W this past April. Moderated by Melinda Wolfe, the panel, which included Dr. Richard Lapchick, Pamela Culpepper, Darnell Smith and Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder, encouraged us to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, to let ourselves become vulnerable, and open ourselves up to a place where trust fills the gap separating us. Most importantly, we need to keep on connecting!

As a continuation of this insightful and engaging conversation, we invite you to join us as we partner with the Cummer Museum and its executive director Hope McMath in collaboration with their new exhibit, LIFT: Contemporary Expressions of the African American Experience, on Wednesday June 29th at 6:00 PM for an energizing conversation on TRUST: Creating Community Connections. Talented performance artists and panelists will create a memorable evening as the discussion around TRUST continues as we come together as a community on issues that matter to us around race, equity and community with TRUST as the focal point. Doors open at 6 PM, program begins at 6:30. Click here to reserve your spot.

It’s time for each of us to be a part of the conversation and move into action, for just as Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder said from the Generation W stage, “When you are silent about issues, you become complicit in them.”

Hope to see you on the 29th!




Donna Orender