Transform Yourself from Ordinary to Extraordinary

By Dale Beaman

The distance between ordinary and extraordinary may be less than you think. Being extraordinary is about being authentically YOU – living your core values, being connected to your deeper purpose and sharing your innate gifts. You are uniquely created to shine in the world!

Ordinary is when we live a “default life,” one that is sometimes driven more by the expectations and rules of others rather than our own. So often, we let our roles in life be defined by others and forget to bring out our own uniqueness, greatness and what is truly important to us.

I remember a dear friend telling me that she would love to write a book. Yet, her spouse told her he didn’t think it was possible and would be too much work. She decided not to write the book — believing more in what someone else said rather than her own ability and inspiration.

Some of the warning signs that you may be living a “default life” are resentment, restlessness, feelings of being trapped, depression or sadness. Being extraordinary starts with knowing who you are and what you stand for in your life and work.

You have been given unique DNA that includes your core values, purpose, dreams, gifts and talents. It’s up to each of us to discover and unleash our potential.

Give yourself permission to dream. Get clear about what is important to you and what you want in work and life. Do you know what would make your life ideal? When you know what you want, you find your guiding star to create a life that brings you more success and joy. It can make a difference between driving through the road of life in a fog versus a clear day. When you have clarity, you move faster with more ease and joy.

What areas of your life or work do you need more personal clarity to move forward? If you had more clarity in these areas, how would your life be different?

So often we know we need a change, and yet, decide not to take a new direction because we fear we will be unhappy – despite the fact that we are already unhappy! It can feel safer to stay where we are because we are at least familiar with this territory. We can close ourselves off from possibilities and get into a rut missing the joy we so deserve.

What areas of your work or life do you need to venture out and be bold? What are you holding on to that may be keeping you from being the Extraordinary YOU?


DaleBeaman-259x300About the Author
Dale Beaman, a leadership coach, facilitator and speaker, serves as a catalyst for creating positive change and transformation. She specializes in guiding clients to navigate values, discover purpose and create vision that unleashes potential. Her personal philosophy is “when we live our deepest values, connect to our purpose and find our direction, we experience more meaning, health and happiness.”