“I see progress for the nation in So. Carolina”

southcarolinaWith the tragedy in South Carolina still sitting strongly in our hearts and minds, we found ourselves uplifted and filled with hope as we read our friend Tina Lifford’s latest blog post.  “The Inner Fitness Project’s focus is on navigating the emotional terrain and discovering how paying attention to our individual healing can guide the healing of our communities and nation,” Tina writes.

How do we begin to heal–not only as individuals, but as a nation?  Here’s an excerpt from her post:


Repairing an emotional wound begins with acknowledging the hurt sustained. It further involves learning to rigorously observe our thoughts, become aware of old patterns and interpretations, challenge default assumptions, and, most importantly, choosing to make healing a priority.

The path of healing this national issue is the same process with which we must engage as individuals. We must first acknowledge the national hurt sustained. Then, we must recognize and challenge our wound-causing thoughts. And lastly, as a country, we must rewire our default racist beliefs, interpretations and assumptions. This process takes time.

To further frustrate change, healing is not a linear process. Just when we think we are done with our old painful story, something happens and the old wound gets reignited. When this happens we feel like we are back at the beginning, and that no progress has been made. This I am sure is how many feel after So Carolina. But to think this is a mistake.

Click here to read Tina’s entire blog via Huffington Post.