Three Steps to Accountability

By Mia Hall

Like me, you may have heard this and other quotes time and time again, nonetheless, there may be something holding you back from making your dreams a reality or even following a passion of yours that you have let become dormant and secondary to life’s many responsibilities.

Procrastination is often what we credit our lack of ambition, laziness, or neglect of time spent on our vision to. Other times, even when we feel like we have all these things together and that distractions cannot be what is stopping us, an issue may be a lack of accountability. Accountability is one of the key tools that will help us stay focused on our goals.

Here are three steps to becoming more accountable:

  1. Grab a Partner – Get a friend or peer that can call you once per week, month, or every few days, that can keep you focused on your task, especially when you want to give up. Identifying this person can help you to stay on target when you want to veer off and get distracted.
  2. Make a Plan – Talk to your partner about their goals or speak to them about doing something together. You can either hold each other accountable on your separate tasks or a combined project you both can contribute to for a common interest. My friend and I got very serious about one of our goals. We set a date by which we should have it accomplished, spent ample time coming up with an action plan, and set with milestones that we would need to reach each month.
  3. Schedule Time to Connect – Choose one day of the week, or month depending on the level of frequency you will need, that you will always follow up with your partner, even if for a brief moment just to check in. I know that each Saturday, I will be meeting to my accountability partner about the next steps in our plans to build our brand. We cannot speak until we have accomplished what we said we would the week before. Our goal is big so we need each others help, and we know, that we cannot let a week go by without working on something that will get us closer to it.

If you already have tried a partner, but believe you need some more direction, hire a coach. I love sports and all of the greats have had outstanding coaches, why would life be different? In the past, I have hired a dream development coach to not only keep me accountable, but to also give me guidance on my next steps. Life coaches serve as not only accountability, but also experts in helping you organize your time and get past, sometimes self-induced, hardships on the road to success.

When you sow seeds into developing your brand or your self, you will reap a great harvest.

Whether it is reaching out to a friend and getting on a schedule, or reaching out to a local life coach and getting a higher level of help, try getting accountability to help you get closer to creating the future you desire.

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miaAbout the Author
Mia Hall is a sports and entertainment reporter specializing in the business of sport. She has worked with organizations such as the NBA, NY Knicks, Black Enterprise, The Basketball Channel, The High School of Sports Management, and is currently with the new Barclay’s Center. She is passionate about the youth of today and committed to nonprofits such as PowerPlay NYC, Inc. and other youth empowering organizations.