The Power of Asking WHY NOT

why_notIn the crazed run-up to the holidays, distractions abound everywhere: another news alert, a click bait headline, email pop-ups, voicemails blinking, text messages flashing, social media notifications, and online retailers advertising another “can’t miss” flash sale. With every pulse of my phone vibrating incessantly in my purse or on my desk, there is this ever-present urgency to do something else. And, usually, not what I need to be doing in that moment. So, what’s a girl to do?

Short of creating more hours in a day, which would give me an invaluable superpower, I must choose wisely how to spend the precious hours that feel like they are always escaping me.  And then, there is that moment, almost daily, when i need to take a breath and check my guidance system. We all know how easily that can run off course. So much to do and so little time… the days spin more quickly. I am sure you understand. But the moving forward is all about the WHY NOT and so I go.

WHY NOT give a TEDx Talk, a terrifying experience in self-exploration, discipline and preparation? In the process, putting my immediate world on hold for 2 months to figure out how to distill the essential message of WHY NOT. Moreover I knew I would endure the worry beyond worry as to whether I could memorize anything more than a paragraph. You know the days when you can’t remember your name?

WHY NOT (at the same time) write a book for teen girls’ that celebrates their WOW power and provides lessons from the WISDOM of our women to create the superpower of WOWsdom!?

WHY NOT put WOWsdom! on Kickstarter and see what happens? We are so committed and inspired by WOWsdom! The GIrl’s Guide to the Positive and the Possible and its WHY NOT attitude toward helping our girls and communities prosper. If there is a young woman in your life who you want to show your support and appreciation, please do so by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign HERE and equally as important please share the link with your networks… we are so close to becoming a viral campaign! We are so grateful for all the great comments and contributions to date. Together we are shooting for the moon… WHY NOT?





by Donna Orender