The “Otherhood”: Is This The New Power Demographic of Women?

By Patti Minglin

group-of-women-laughingI was intrigued  by the new study released from DeVries Global that shows us that the reality of today’s single woman without children is much different than what was portrayed in “Sex and the City.”

“Today, the Carries of the world are much more put together and less adrift in matters associated with adulthood such as managing finances and dealing with children,” the report states.  ”Circa 2014, the “Sex and the City” set would now be part of a wise-to-the-world demographic of women that author Melanie Notkin has smartly catalogued the “Otherhood,” also the title of her new non-fiction book.”

Fascinated by the insights revealed in Notkin’s book, DeVries Global partnered with the author on the landmark study “Shades of Otherhood”, giving a new definition to the non-mom demographic and showing us just how influential she can be.

Some key findings:

  • 47% of women of the childbearing age are not mothers
  • She has on average 1,500 friends and followers across social media platforms and spends an average of 28 hours per week engaging them.
  • Women without kids spend on average 35% more per person/per month on groceries than moms
  • Women of the Otherhood spend 60% more days abroad per year than moms.
  • Children still play an active role in the lives of 80% of non-moms–49% of those kids are nieces and nephews while 41% are the children of close friends.
  • 80%  of non-moms feel they could lead a happy life without children, whether or not they want children of their own.

What are you thoughts?




pattimAbout the Author
Patti Minglin is a sales and marketing expert with substantial experience in marketing to women and marketing to moms. She is a product of the publishing industry having spent more than 17 years in senior executive positions in circulation, advertising, marketing and new product development.  Patti served as the Associate Publisher- Advertising/Marketing for Chicago Parent and launched Go Girl Communications, a sales and marketing consultancy, in the spring of 2011.